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Contour Cut UV Custom Stickers - Any Size on 12 inch by 24 inch Sheets

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Any Shape, Any Size, Any Quantity that fits on 12" x 24" Sheets. We Print & Cut to Shape. You Trim Separately.
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No Minimums when we print on 12"x24" Sheets.

Print any size sticker and any shape and any quantity that fits within 12"x24" Sheets. (You Trim Apart)

Print as many or as few as one sheet.

Discounted when you buy more!

Bulk Discount Pricing on 12" x 24" Sheet Stickers (All sheets must be same as first sheet)

1-4 Sheets = $29.95 each sheet = Standard Pricing

5-9 Sheets = $24.95 each sheet = SAVE 17% OFF

10-49 Sheets = $19.95 each sheet = SAVE 33% OFF

50-99 Sheets = $14.95 each sheet = SAVE 50% OFF

100 Sheets or more = $9.95 each sheet = SAVE 67% OFF

When we print on 12"x24" Sheets, you can have your custom stickers cut to any shape or size and any quantity that is able to fit on one sheet. We print on high-quality outdoor self-adhesive using state-of-the-art outdoor UV latex inks, then top it with an outdoor clear UV vinyl laminate to give your custom stickers the longest outdoor lifespan possible.

We can print stickers as small as 1.0"x1.0" on our sheets and this gives you the ability to print as many as 162 stickers per sheet! So when you do the math when you buy 100 sheets, you save 75% Off each sheet. This makes over 16,000 stickers for a final price of about 6 cents each! These can be any shape!

These stickers are perfect anywhere indoor, outdoor on a smooth surface that typical vinyl can adhere to that is well suited to your specific application. Our stickers UV fade-resistant and waterproof indoor or outdoor stickers are durable and last longer than paper stickers. These are such great stickers that you could spill gasoline on them and the colors will not be affected and are great for industrial use on equipment indoor or outdoor.

And to top it off we now offer FREE Ground Shipping directly to your door!

** NOTE: These are printed on 12"x24" self-adhesive vinyl sheets and are cut to the shape of your artwork whether or not it is a circle, oval, square, rectangle, or contour around the artwork. These are left on the sheet and it is up to you to weed the excess vinyl and trim them apart if so desired. Individually cut or rolls are not available for this product. If you need individually cut round or square stickers, please see our other products. When contour cutting your stickers, they are cut on the outside of the artwork to a reasonable contour, smaller details are not possible and inside cuts of artwork are not allowed. For example a photo of a donut would be cut around the outside of the shape, the "donut hole" would not be cut out.

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